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When I made the decision to give Buyers’ Choice a try I was very skeptical. As I was placing my order I told my sales rep, “This had better work.” I am so glad that I decided to give Buyers’ Choice a try despite my apprehension. In the very first week of the first month that I advertised in Buyers’ Choice
I was blown away by the response I received. Not only did I receive a high number of calls and new customer visits from the ad, but I also sold 4 Play Systems in the first week! The quality of the
customers was better than expected. One of the customers who came in told me that he had
previously heard of Rainbow Play Systems but that he never would have come in if he hadn’t
seen the advertisement in Buyers’ Choice.

At the same time that I began advertising with Buyers’ Choice I also tried advertising with Val-Pak for the first time as well. In comparing Buyers’ Choice to Val-Pak I received a 4 to 1 response from Buyers’ Choice over Val-Pak, even though I mailed to twice as many homes with Val-Pak.

I have also used other advertising mediums such as Red Plum and The Home Mag. The response
that I received from my advertisement in Buyers’ Choice is so much greater than anything else I have previously used. I definitely plan to continue using Buyers’ Choice in the future for the
majority of my advertising.

Jeff Motl, Sales Manager,
Rainbow Play Systems

When I launched my new kitchen remodeling business in January 2007, I decided to call on Dale Isaacs of Buyer’s Choice Direct Mail. From the first time I met him, I was impressed with his honesty, knowledge, and patience as I worked to put together my initial advertising campaign. Add to that the quality of his mailing lists and the detail oriented service of his design staff in coming up with a great ad for me, and the result is that I have been able to double my business in my second year in spite of the economic woes of the times. We have been very careful to track the source of our leads and although I have tried several other direct mail envelopes and flyers over the last couple of years, the honest truth is that the Buyer’s Choice Direct Mail advertising has consistently produced the best, most cost effective results. Ultimately we have come to rely on it for the majority of our new leads. I would recommend to anyone who is hesitant about investing in direct mail advertising to give Buyer’s Choice a try and see if it doesn’t help you to generate quality leads and new business. Thanks Dale! You have made the difference for all of us here at Keystone Kitchens!

Chris Wittenbrink, President, Keystone Kitchens

Buyers’ Choice has been our most effective cooperative direct mail. We started with 3 market-wide mailers in 2001 and have increased the number of mailings each year since.

Georgia Gulick - Kitchen Plus

I have been wanting to write you this for quite a while now but have not had the time because your coupons are so effective . It is a real pleasure to do business with people that are as professional as you are and that offer the kind of product that you do. As you know, I have tried others and logged the results each month from the amount of calls I receive, by far your coupons were the most effective.

With my new office in Kent I now have a problem to work out since you don’t mail to that area. I am going to have to do business with someone that I know going in cannot produce the results that you do.

Thanks for all your help and I’m looking forward to our continued Relationship.

Keith Sitzmann, Sun Spaces

Working with Buyer's Choice has been a great success. We have had many people bringing in our adds they have had delivered to their home. Buyer's Choice is by far the best advertisement we have done for the price. We would recommend this to everyone!

Deanne Godfrey, Bellevue Fireplace


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and the crew at Buyers Choice. We look forward to every mailing because we know the phones are about to start ringing. We have used several mailers through the years and Buyers Choice always gets the best results. I would recommend your services to any small business owner looking to attract more customers.

Derek Henthorn, Derek's Auto Detail and Hand Car Wash

It has now been over three weeks since our First Buyers’ Choice mailers have gone out and we are still getting a customer response. Our business has increased over 35% and still climbing. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Prior to Buyers’ Choice we say with much regret that we had been using one of your competitors. It was painfully disappointing to see our money just tossed away and the wonderful services we have to offer never reaching the majority of the neighbors. We have gotten more out of one mailing with Buyers’ Choice than six mailings with the other guys. You come highly recommended in our book. Keep up the good work!.

Ebi & Terri Abbassi-Khan, Digitech

We have been advertising with Buyers’ Choice since 1998. We have tried a variety of marketing and advertising vehicles over the years and Buyers’ Choice has by far given us the best results for our advertising dollar. Buyers’ Choice worked with us to come up with a great advertisement with full color and professional ad design. We look forward to continuing with Buyers’ Choice because it works!”

Jeri Lucas, East Urban Auto


I have been using Buyers’ Choice Direct Mail since September ‘09. I have tried several different types of advertising, and have tracked the redemption rate, and Buyers’ Choice continually outperforms the other direct mail companies.

Nataliya Stepanova, Enchante Day Spa & Salon

At first, I was skeptical about advertising in Buyers’ Choice because I thought everybody just threw the envelope away. Now I know that is not true. We have advertised with Buyers’ Choice for nearly 2 years and a majority of our new clients come from Buyers’ Choice. It works better than any other advertising that we have done. We love it!

Lisa Harris, New Attitude Beauty Supply & Salon

We run a variety of advertisements to reach customers including direct mail, newspaper, receipt strips, yellow pages and more. However, the Buyers’ Choice Mailer is consistently the best draw to our salon. We track each promotion at the end of the month, and yours always ranks tops! We’ve had nothing but great results since the first time we used Buyers’ Choice and it’s helped us build our business to the success we enjoy today.

Finally, I also wanted to say how much I enjoy working with Dale and Addie. Your level of professionalism is unmatched. We look forward to being long-term
customers of Buyers’ Choice.

John Ford, Sunny’s


We advertise in a number of different direct mailers and Buyers’ Choice works the best out of all of them. Our hospital has a tracking system that shows the total number of new patients and how much they spend on their visit. We are able to compare those numbers side by side with other local marketing publications that we use, and Buyers’ Choice comes out on top with the total amount of coupons returned and with how much the new patients spend on their visits.

Cherie Farmer, Bellevue VCA Animal Hospital

I own a dental practice in Issaquah, WA. My colleagues consider me to be somewhat of a “marketing guru.” I have always made “specific” choices concerning my external Marketing tools. I have been a client of Buyers’ Choice for the last five years. Buyers’ Choice continues to be my most successful form of marketing, as it brings me 30-40 new patients every month. I love my relationship with Buyers’ Choice and am proud to be their client. Call me anytime at 425-391-4964 and I will tell you about them in person. Thanks so much Buyers’ Choice.

Dr. Ron Sherman - First Impressions

“We are so glad that you are expanding into Snohomish County. Your new Buyers’ Choice envelope is working better than the ones we’ve used before. The responses have been great. We received 9 new patients after the first mailer was delivered.”

Dr. David Poole, DC, Poole Pain Relief Clinic


We will definitely continue to advertise with Buyers’ Choice Direct Mail. We have used several direct mail companies and Buyers’ Choice yields the best return in comparison- about 10 to 1 vs. “other direct mail companies”.

Todd and John, Rapid Refill Ink

“I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your support for the Woodinville Farmers Market. The coupons we included in past Buyer Choice mailings really helped increase our visibility to Wodinville residents. Part of our success this past year can be directly attributed to you and your team. Thank you for showing your community spirit by supporting us.“

Michael Charlton, Woodinville Farmers Market

We sell high performance name brand shoes that typically sell for $100 -$275 a pair. Buyers’ Choice
is the best advertising I have ever done for our Kirkland Store. People started bringing in the coupons right away, at least 2 per day the first couple of weeks.

We fully recommend Buyers’ Choice. We received a much higher response than I expected in this economy.

Susan Wei, Romax Shoe

At first, I was hesitant to give Buyers’ Choice a try, however, I was pleasantly surprised at the superior response from each mailer. It was a perfect fit. Buyers’ Choice is one of the most effective marketing tools we have used.

I can mail into selective areas that I wish to target. Customers bring the coupons into the store, which allows us to track the responses of each ad and measure the effectiveness.

In these tough economic times, We cannot afford to spend money on advertising that does not produce results. That is why we are sticking with Buyers’ Choice.

Keenan Valdes, Sachi Fine Jewelry


Buyers’ Choice has been very effective in building more awareness of our restaurant on Lake Bellevue. Every mailer brings in both new customers as well as those that we have not seen in several months. For each dollar spent On Buyers’ Choice Direct Mail we have realized approximately 18 dollars in measurable response.

Jim Broy - Crab Pot Restaurant

Buyer’s Choice has been a very key part of our success. They have been our most effective and
consistent form of advertising. What separates Buyer’s Choice from other advertisers is the sincere pleasures they take in helping your business reach
its goals. My business would not be where it is today without Buyer’s Choice

Dan Piecora, Eden's Organics


Thanks for helping us sell out KeyArena over the past five seasons. We have worked with all forms of media & advertising and our results from Buyers’ Choice Direct Mail has continued to exceed our expectations.Your campaign makes it easy and affordable to reach tens of thousands of homes. Your staff is always professional and your ads are always first class. We consistently get a favorable return on our investment with Buyers’ Choice.

Brian Simpson, Seattle Sonics

…initially we were planning to send out our postcard to announce our new Silver Spur Development, but when we priced it out at about $60,000 we decided to give your mailer a try at a fraction of the cost. When the mailer dropped we received about 25- 30 calls within the first few days. As a result of our marketing efforts, we were able to secure 73 deposits for phase 1. We also noticed the traffic on our website more than doubled in the subsequent weeks.

Robert L. Rothschiller, Tacoma Land Company

Thank you and your staff for all the help and cooperation you have given us at Desert Aire. But most of all, for the terrific results you created in the way of solid and valuable responses to the Buyers’ Choice direct mailings to the various homes and businesses throughout the years. Our salespersons always know when these deliveries were made....the increase in sales leads was significant. We are very close to being sold out at the Desert Aire land development on the Columbia River near Mattawa.

Ross Davidson, Desert Aire

We have averaged between eight and fifteen new rentals each month as a direct result of your monthly mailer.

Due to these fantastic results, our company has chosen to use Buyers’ Choice as a large part of the marketing strategy of three additional storage facilities under our ownership. All four of our locations are experiencing an increase in new customers due to our Buyers’ Choice advertisements.

Buyers’ Choice gives personal attention to the details of their customers business. They want to learn as much as they can about their customers and their business in order to present their customers in the best light. Not only that, they really do care about my success.

Patricia Martin, Urban Storage

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